Scarlett Letter Oil

Scarlett Letter Oil

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Scarlett Letter Oil


This is for a woman who is daring, faces fear head on, utilizes all aspects of her femininity, unyielding to getting the things or person she wants, willful, powerful, unstoppable, confident, sexual, sensual, alluring, radiant, magnetic, and unashamed. She embraces her shadow self completely because she realizes her power is a collection of her past moving into the present. I created this oil for that woman because she deserves it and she needs to be reminded. Reminded of her sensuality and sexuality need not to be controlled, manipulated, determined, or defined by anyone but herself. I made this oil for that women, all aspects and archetypes pertaining to her, and I hope she embraces herself with full compassion. 

 Scarlet Letter

A visible symbol of something you have done wrong and regretted, or a stigma of a past mistake you made that follows you.

a forbidden woman; someone with a shady past who is ostracized from the community. 

 A woman who is ready to tap into her inner power and fully embraces all aspects of herself

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