Jezebel Oil

Jezebel Oil

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This oil is used to feel powerful and alluring. It can be used to attract a partner or specific interest with money and prestige. The perfect oil for anyone who entertains men such as jobs that work for tips, dancers, entertainers, bartenders, servers, hosts, and sex workers. May also be used by hairdressers or service based jobs. Attracts wealthy or highly esteemed customers. Bends those to your will. Assist in business negotiations and power plays. Creates an air of seduction, charm, and powe. J

The lore of Jezebel is one embodied by a woman with power who attempted to backseat drive a patriline and who worshipped the old, established way. Baal was a god of the earth and of fertility, likely based at least in part on earlier fertility goddesses. And in Jezebel’s native Phoenicia, royal women were commonly high priestesses with active roles in temple and palace relations. Jezebel represented not just the old ways but a pre-plough version of ultimate female power. 

The Curse of Jezebel is a strong hex or curse where one holds a piece of Jezebel root and light a black candle with your target's name inscribed upon it, and in complete silence you will repeat their name in your mind for 2 hours straight.

Once the time is up, speak the target's name to the root and what you want to happen to them, place the root in a small jar of your urine, take it to a river or stream and throw it in with your left hand whilst once again speaking your curse.

Walk away, don't look back and trust your work to manifest.