Entwined Lovers (Sexual Healing) Candle

Entwined Lovers (Sexual Healing) Candle

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The Entwined Lovers Candle is an image of two lovers locked together in a kissing embrace. Two bodies interlocked in total ecstasy, so much so, that we only see a side view of them as if they have somehow merged and became one.

This candle is used for love spells to bring two people together and also for seduction purposes. The Entwined Lovers candle can also elevate the art of love making between new lovers and seasoned relationships. The art and gift of tantric sex can also be heightened by lighting this candle during ritual. The Entwined Lovers is very symbolic as it showcases two lovers magnetically attracted to one another and in turn can reflect the same effect in a relationship. 

This is also available in solid and two-toned colors.

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White governs the direction of the East. Element is Air. Chakra associated with white is the Crown Chakra(7th Chakra). Planet associated with white is the Moon. Influences Completeness, Enlightenment, Healing, Higher Self, Innocence, Insight, Lunar Magic, Meditation, Peace, Purity, Truth, Spirit, Virginity *As it contains all the colours of the spectrum White can be used as a substitute for any other colour. White is a multifaceted color and can be for most purposes. White works exceptionally well for cleansing, healing, protection, and lunar magic.